Not just rubber.
Multicom offers innovative solutions for various different business sectors: each target, each product sector or industry receives a specifically designed proposal.


Multicom provides certifications for: food-safe materials (FDA) – acid resistance – heat resistance – flame resistance – abrasion resistance – cut and tear resistance.


Creating purpose-related innovation means knowing of one’s strengths and giving clients desirous of optimizing their production processes the benefit of years of experience.


Multicom addresses companies that are looking for customized solutions, with characteristics that reflect their requirements to perfection.


Multicom is not just concerned with supplying large quantities of standard products, but invests in the value of solutions able to meet precise requirements.


The in-house laboratory is Multicom’s pride and joy and is outfitted with leading-edge technologies able to guarantee highly competitive solutions.


By way of example, a list of the main products made by Multicom during the last few years is given below.
The list is certainly not exhaustive, but still gives an interesting insight into Multicom’s potential and skills:

– bumpers and fenders for race tracks, kart circuits and cycle tracks;

– mats for the ascent-descent ramps of horseboxes-trailers;

– shockproof mats and belts for horse walkers;

– matting for safety floors and use in sports facilities;

– rubber fittings and parts for vintage cars and motorcycles;

– matting and rolls for soundproofing, thermal insulation and speed cushioning.


Environmentally sustainable processes are a priority for Multicom, a policy with positive effects in terms of environmental impact: suppliers of raw materials are chosen strictly within the European Union. The production facilities, which cover some 1840 square meters, have been equipped with systems able to keep the temperature under control while the roof has been completely replaced to allow photovoltaic panels to be installed.